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  • You must have HSC Email to log onto the iDisclose System

  • Turn off your web browser's pop-up blocker

  • Supported browsers include: Google Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Chrome 8, Safari 3, Opera 10
  • You are reporting for the previous CALENDAR YEAR. 

Submitting your Report

  1. Go to:
    1. Click on:
      1. Annual Reporting for the calendar year that just ended.
    2. Sign on using your UTHSCSA email address and password
  2. An information window will display, click Continue.
  3. Welcome Back: If you have reported using iDisclose before you will be asked to copy your previous disclosures.
    1. Click "Continue" to create a copy of the disclosures included in your previous Annual Report and any prior approval disclosures submitted during the the previous calendar year. 
    2. Click "Cancel" to start with a blank report.
  4. Overview:
    1. If you have Nothing to Declare (Q1-3 answers are No) you will advance to Step 6 7 - Certify. Go to step 7 below.
  5. Disclosures: Complete the Disclosures page. Background colors: green indicates complete, red indicates incomplete.
      1. To update a copied disclosure to include in your Annual Report select the check box next to the item you wish to update and click the Edit button. After updates have been made click Save and you will be taken back to the disclosure overview page. 
      2. To delete copied disclosures first follow the Edit instructions above and provide a justification for the deletion in the "description" field. After you click Save and return to the disclosure overview page select the check box next to that item and click the Delete button. 
      3. To add a new disclosure click the +Add New button. A pop up window will appear. Complete all the requested fields and click Save.
        1. Note: Entities must be active in order to disclose. If you do not see the Entity you need in the Entity field dropdown list it must be added to your profile before you can proceed. Close the disclosure pop-up and complete step 6 below.
        2. Note: Dollar amounts should be entered as whole dollars without the use of any symbols or punctuations. e.g. 5000 
      4. To submit your report click the Submit button.
        1. Note: New this year- The Submit button will automatically submit all of the copied and unsubmitted draft disclosures in your profile even if they are not selected. To avoid redundant or incomplete disclosures we suggest you follow the instructions above in item 5ii. 
  6. Entity: Complete the Entities page.
      1. Entities with which you have activities to disclose must be Active and complete. Existing Entities will display; complete entities display with a green background. Those with a red background are incomplete. To add, click the +Add New button.
  7. Certify: Certify your report.
    1. If this is your first time submitting an Annual Report you will be asked to complete the certification page.
      1. Note: All three certification check boxes must be completed before the Submit buttons will activate.
    2. If you prefer to stop and return later, click the Log out button.
    3. Email: Once you submit your report, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. If you entered disclosures please return to iDisclose to view, email, download or print your report.

Additional help through the iDisclose web site


My Entities

An entity is the individual, business, organization or institution with whom you have interacted and need to declare your activities.

  • Classify the category of entity as: For-Profit, Non-Profit or Gift Source
  • Classify the type of entity: Options will adjust based on category selected
  • Classify the industry of entity

NOTE: the entities you have interacted with in the past will be available to you. Check the "Active" button if you have disclosures to make. Leaving it "Inactive" will leave the entity unavailable for disclosure reporting.

My Disclosures

A disclosure is the record of your activity with an outside Entity. Information collected about these interactions includes the time you devote to it (the Duration field) in order to assess your level of commitment.

Complete the following:

  • The disclosure type: (Compensation, Travel Only, Equity, Fiduciary Role, Intellectual Property, Royalties, Gift or Other).
  • The activity type: (Advisory Board/Committee, Governing Board, Consultant, Family Member Employment, Equity Holdings, Expert Witness, IP Rights, Royalty Income, Speaker, Reviewer, Travel or Other).
  • Disclosure For (Myself, Spouse, Dependent Child etc).
  • Start and End Date (select from the calendar)
  • The entity name (A dropdown of all Active Entities will be in the list).
  • A description of the activity. Include explanation of any "Other" selections made.
  • The dollar value. Use fair market prices where appropriate, such as for Equity.
  • The disposition of the funds (Turned in, Kept it).
  • The duration of the activity in days.
  • Whether vacation was used (Yes or No).
  • Whether this activity is related to your sponsored research (Yes or No)
  • Whether this activity involves Intellectual Property (Yes or No)