iDisclose Reporting System

What is the iDislcose Reporting System used for?

iDisclose is the online system used by Faculty and Exempt Staff to report external (or outside) activities. Each reported activity is referred to as a “disclosure”. iDisclose provides a single portal to capture information used to fulfill several administrative and reporting needs such as:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Conflicts of Commitment
  • Activities that require prior approval (such as outside employment)
  • Activities that must be reported annually to UT System and the NIH

Annual Reporting

Each year, during March annual reporting opens. At this time, you will complete your annual disclosure(s) and submit.  If you have no outside conflicts of interest or commitment to report, you must submit a report acknowledging you have no disclosures to submit.

Prior Approvals

From iDisclose faculty and staff will also be able to submit prior approvals (single disclosures).  The paper form should not be used. Prior approvals should be submitted at least (30) days prior to the initiation of any external employment, consultation, or related activities. Approval must be obtained annually. 

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Additional Assistance

Additional assistance materials are available on the iDisclose web site. For all other questions regarding annual disclosures, email