New Application Quick Steps


  1. Log into O.R.C.A  environment   
    (if IE is your default browser, copy/paste this link into a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browser)

    Google Chrome (recommended – it’s what we develop with), Firefox, Safari, Edge

  2. From the left menu, click +New Application

  3. Select a Committee
    1. Select IACUC

  4. Select a protocol type from the Select Protocol Type page. 
    1. Research 
    2. Pilot study
    3. Breeding

    4. Education & Training

    5. Quality Assurance

    6. Donor

  5. Complete all pages listed in the left menu of the protocol type you have selected.
    1. Below is a list of all pages. Not every page will be required in every protocol type.

  6. Principal Investigator Assurance page
    1. Here you will presented your assurances and will be able to Submit for Review
    2. If the Co-PI or Delegate is creating the application, upon Submit for Review, the IACP office will not be notified but the PI will receive an email notification indicating their is an application awaiting their review and submission.
  7. IACP office is notified that there is an application pending their review.
  8. Status of Application can be found in the Dashboard, Submitted section.



To successfully access O.R.C.A., Google Chrome is the recommended browser supported by regulatory and IT support staff. 
If you have technical difficulties logging on contact OR 210-562-5691.
Feedback, Questions and Comments can be directed to