During a New application

When you start a new application, the Administrative page will include three tabs: Study Personnel, Grants and Occupational Health & Safety. For help in completing each of these sections in a new application, select one of the below options:


Approved applications

Once an application has been approved, the Administrative section contains items from the application that do not require an Amendment.  As a result, items in this section can be updated at any time, after the protocol is approved

  • Administrative changes is a section of a an IACUC application and do not require an Amendment to be created.
  • Some Administrative changes require approval by the IACP office.
  • Some Administrative changes are auto-approved. If an Administrative Change is auto-approved, a Success message will display.

The ability to update Study Personnel, Co-PI, and the Occupational Health and Safety section was available in O.R.C.A. version 1. The Study Personnel section has since been updated  to accommodate the online application and enhanced to capture additional information about an individual on a protocol, such as their specialized skills.  

Once an application is approved, the Administrative section's four tabs will be available for editing. Administrative Changes that are available for updating are:

  • Study Personnel
  • Co-PI
  • Grants
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Please visit the Administrative changes updates page for information on how to make updates to this section when an application is approved. 


During an Amendment

During an Amendment, the Administrative section will be read-only, from within the application you are amending. Once you have successfully completed the Audit page, you will be redirected to the  Administrative section. Here you can make any necessary edits.

Please visit the  Administrative changes section in the Amendment page for information on how to make updates to this section when an application is being amended.