IACUC Protocol Info

This page will provide an overview on the activities that can be initiated from the IACUC Protocol Info page.

From the Protocol Info page, you will have a single summary of a protocol. If you are a PI, CO-PI or Delegate, you will have the ability to take action on a protocol from this page. Actions to take include:  begin a Progress Report, Administrative Change, Amendment, Animal Transfer or Clone an existing application.

Informational areas within the Protocol Info page:


  • Protocol Number - this is a hyperlink and will direct you to the protocol's application summary page.
  • Action Buttons - from the drop down, you can begin to submit one of the below options. 

    Action drop down option

    **Important Note:  Action drop down options are dependent on the protocol's status and your role on a protocol.

  • Transaction History - the Transaction History will  provide you with a view of the Inventory & Legacy Purchasing Transaction History.
  • Protocol History - the Protocol History will list activity related to progress report notifications, newly created amendments, progress reports, administrative changes or animal transfers, that have occurred to your protocol.
  • Contacts - will list the PI and Co-PI to the protocol along with individuals who are assigned as the protocol's emergency contact or point of contact will display. If there is not a study team member assigned as the emergency or point of contact, the default person will be the PI.

  • Files & Attachments - for approved protocols, the Files & Attachments will display your protocol's last approved documents. If you have begun a new protocol, attachments that you have added and will submit with your application will be displayed in this section.
  • Previous Versions - will provide a list of versions for your protocol if the protocol has had an Amendment.

For protocols that are:

  • Newly created and not yet approved the Action, Transaction History will not be available. You will have limited access to: Protocol History, Contacts and Files& Attachments.


The Species section will display:

  • Approved: approval numbers to the specie(s) on your protocol
  • Last Progress Report: total number added during the last Progress Report
  • Current *: The current total number of specie(s) added (Last Progress Report + Current Added #), the number added since your last Progress Report (Current Added #) and the remaining number of specie(s) left to order (Approved - Current Total)

For protocols that are under:

  • Amendment: If your protocol has an Amendment submitted, the Species section will display the number of animals being requested.
  • New Protocol, not yet approved: the Species column will show the number of animals requested.

Cage Card 

Information displayed includes species, room(s) where the cage cards are located, active cage card count, per diem rate and daily cost. The data is derived from the DLAR cage card inventory system maintained within PeopleSoft and reflects a single day indicated by the date shown. This will almost always be the previous day, NOT the current day.  

The Cage Card information is not available to all study team members only the PI, Co-PI and Delegate(s). 

To provide your feedback regarding the Cage Card section or to discuss the information reflected in the page, please contact lar@uthscsa.edu

Funding Sources

The funding sources section will provide a view of the funding source(s) related to the protocol. At the time of a new application, a form filler has the ability to associate the protocol with funding belonging to either PI or Co-PI. Once an application has been approved, funding associated to a protocol can be managed by submitting an Administrative Change or through an Amendment. 

The Funding Sources section will either display a message that reads:

  • Funding Source Information Unavailable. This option will display when action has never been taken, through O.R.C.A., to associate the protocol with funding.
  • Funding Source Information Unknown. This option will display when the option, 'Funding Source Unknown' is selected from the Funding Sources page. An example of when to use this option is during the creation of a new protocol. At that time, funding that is managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs may not yet be shown as an option. 


  • List the Funding Source information as designated by PI, Delegate or Co-PI.

Study Team Members

This section displays an overview of your Study Team Member for the protocol you are viewing along with their Contact and Training information.  From this view, there will be at minimum, one tab indicating the site locations for the protocol.

Multiple Sites

For protocols that have multiple sites, tabs for that site will be listed along with study team members who perform activities at those sites.

  • HSC - for UT Health Science Center
  • VA - for Veterans Affairs
  • TBRI - for Texas Biomedical Research 
  • UNASSIGNED - the UNASSIGNED tab will display when a protocol has multiple site locations and when a study team member on the protocol has not been assigned to a site.

For additional information on editing personnel to assign a site, go to the Administrative Change section for Study Personnel. Administrative Change Updates

Administrative Changes - Managing your Study Team  

Actions individuals can take in the IACUC Protocol Info section

ActionsPI/DelegateStudy Team MemberStudy Team Member who is Engaged in Research
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Summary: Transaction History(tick)(error)(error)
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