Occupational Health and Safety

This is one of three tabs in the Administrative page that must be completed. 

Occupational health and safety of personnel is an essential part of the overall program of animal care and use.  Use this section to identify potential hazards in the work environment specific to this protocol.  An effective occupational health program requires coordination among the researchers, the Animal Care Program (DLAR, IACP & IACUC), the environmental health and safety program, occupational health services and administration.

Common hazards are presented, however there may be others not specifically listed that should be noted in the "other potential hazard" item.

You will complete one of the following options:

  1. Reply Yes or No to each question in this page. See Protocol Related Hazards and Training, Medical Surveillance and Follow-up.
  2. Complete any additional fields that display or require a response.
  3. Continue completing your Administrative section and the remaining pages of the application.

Protocol Related Hazards

Respond by selecting Yes or No to the below items regarding potential hazards:

  • Animal bites or scratches - Select Yes or No
  • Exposure to allergens -  Select Yes or No
  • Exposure to Infectious Agents-  Select Yes or No
  • Chemical cleaning agents - Select Yes or No
  • Extreme working conditions - Select Yes or No
  • Other potential hazards - Select Yes or No.
    • If other hazards, describe in the text box.

Training, Medical Surveillance and Follow-up 

Selecting Yes to any of the above will display Training, Medical Surveillance and Follow-up. Respond to the items related to training, medical surveillance and follow-up

  • Who will provide training to personnel regarding safety considerations important to this protocol? List the name of the person who will provide training to personnel on this protocol.
  • What special procedures need to be followed regarding the hazards described above?  List any special procedures needed to be followed.
  • Will the UTHSCSA Employee Health and Wellness be used if needed? Yes or No 
  • Will the UHS Emergency Room or Express Med Clinic be used if needed? Yes or No
  • If an alternative health care provider will be used, list it in the text box. List the name of the health care provider if not UTHSCSA Employee Health and Wellness or UHS Emergency Room.