Project Information

Project Title: 

The IACUC does not require the protocol title match the grant application.  However, the funding organization or sponsor may require that the two match.

The project title can be updated during its creation and up to submission.

Protocol Type:
The protocol type was selected in the previous screen. It is presented here as a view only field. 

Terms Used

Since the IACUC must approve all uses of animals, not just research, the application and these instructions refer to the “project" or "protocol” rather than “study”.

Principal Investigator (PI):

When searching for a PI the drop down field will display your name in addition to those PIs which you are a Delegate to. Once the PI is selected, the Institution, Department and Job Title fields will populate. Glossary Link

Responsible Department:

Generally, this is the PI's department and chair. The department and department chair listed here can attest to:

  • the soundness of the protocol design and its ability to answer the research questions; 
  • the competency of the investigator(s) to conduct the project; and 
  • the presence of sufficient resources required for the research and for protecting safety and welfare of those involved.

     (star) For example: Dr. Jane Doe, Chair, Pharmacology department

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI):

This is a local IACUC practice. A Co-PI is not required for approval.

One Co-PI may be assigned to a protocol. The Co-PI assumes the same responsibilities as the PI. These responsibilities include management of the protocol, submission of reports and requests typically reserved for the PI such as amendments, and providing sources of funding.

When searching for a Co-PI the drop down field will provide you a list of all faculty and staff at the UT Health Science Center.

If the person you are searching for is not a faculty or staff member at the UT Health Science Center

  1. Click Add Co-PI not found in Search

  2. Complete all required fields

Once the Co-PI is selected, the Institution, Department and Job Title fields will populate.

Co-PI Justification:

If requesting a Co-PI, include a justification for sharing the PI responsibilities.

    (star) For example: The PI will be out of the office for a specific period of time. 

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