Housing and Activities


Housing is defined as any location where animals are maintained for more than 12 hours or overnight. If animals will be housed at HSC, select Yes to Will UTHSC housing be used?

Additionally, if you will be housing animals outside a vivarium for more than 12hours you will need to complete the following:

  • For  what reason? - provide a detailed explanation for why housing is necessary outside of the vivarium for greater than a 12 hour period 
  • For how long? - provide specific time frame for how long the housing will take place outside of the vivarium.
  • Scientific Justification* - provide a clearly defined, scientific explanation for why housing outside of the vivarium is necessary under this protocol.
  • Campus, Building and Room - identify your preferred location to house the animals (outside the vivarium)
  • Anticipated Caging Needs* - identify the maximum number of cages at any given time and the typical number of cages at any given time
  • Special caging needs - identify and explain if the external housing will require Isolation (restricted and dedicated access) and/or Dedicated rack space (designated rack by location or by limited, restricted allotment of surrounding caging).

Research Activities

If research activities (procedures) will occur at the HSC, select Yes to Will animal activities take place at UTHSC. Within this section, you will be able to select from the Non-Assigned Activity Location(s)  and DLAR assigned Procedure Location(s), if space has been assigned and allocated to the protocol's PI. 

DLAR Assigned Procedure Location Space

The DLAR assigned Procedure Location drop down displays only if the protocol's PI has been allocated assigned Procedure Space by DLAR.  If there is assigned procedure space to choose from:

Steps to associate assigned procedure location(s) to this protocol:

  1. Click the Select from your 'DLAR' assigned Procedure Location drop down.
  2. Click Save

Your protocol is now associated with the chosen assigned procedure location(s) space.

I want to request procedure location space

DLAR Assigned Procedure Location only displays if the protocol's PI has been allocated assigned Procedure Space by DLAR. For information on how to request DLAR assigned Procedure Space, click Request Procedure Space

Non-Assigned Activity Location(s) 

A list of rooms managed by both Departments and DLAR will be presented here.

Steps to select a Non-Assigned Activity Location, 

  1. Click the Add Non-Assigned Activity Location button
  2. Select the  campus, building, room
  3. Click Save
  • If multiple locations will be used, continue to add locations by clicking the Add Non-Assigned Activity Location button.  Each location you select will be listed in a table-format.

Important Information - location of major surgery

Important Note – Major operative procedures may not be performed outside DLAR managed operative suite.

The IACUC uses this information to keep an inventory of animal use locations. All locations where animals are used must be inspected by the IACUC at least once every six months. The location provided in the application will be entered into the IACUC’s inventory of animal use locations.

Regulatory References

Major operative procedures on non rodents are to be conducted only in facilities intended for that purpose and shall be operated and maintained under aseptic conditions. Non major operative procedures and all surgery on rodents do not require a dedicated facility, but must be done under aseptic procedures.  AWR §. 2.31 (d)(1)(ix)