All individuals that log into O.R.C.A. will land on the Dashboard.

If you are an animal investigator - PI, Co-PI or Study Team Member to a protocol, the Dashboard will list protocols that you are assigned to.

If you are a human investigator - PI, the Dashboard will present protocols you are assigned to.

Q: I do not see any protocols I am assigned to?

  • For individuals who are not assigned to a protocol your access will be limited to viewing your profile and creating a new application.
  • For animal studies:
    Contact the IACP office, at 210-567-8260 or by email at iacp@uthscsa.edu,  if you do not see protocols you know you are assigned to.
  • For human studies:
    Contact vpr-it@uthscsa.edu 


The left menu begins with your name, the person logged into O.R.C.A. along with a series of Icons. Below the icons you will find three main sections new, in-progress or submitted applications, information about your protocols and study team members on those protocols in addition to links to external resources.

The left menu begins with your name and a series of 4 icons: Home, Your Profile, Information and Log out. 


No matter which page in O.R.C.A. you are on, if you select the Home icon, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

Your Profile will take you to a page providing details to your Profile as it is displayed in O.R.C.A.  The Profile tab is display only information. If the information is incorrect, please contact your Departmental Administrator so they may update in the HR system.


Log out

New  Application

This is the starting point for creating  a new IACUC application. Once you have accessed New Application, you will be directed to a page which presents the types of applications you can submit. Each application presents a description of the application in order to better assist you in choosing the most appropriate application type.  Note, that all individuals have the ability to create a new application for themselves. If an individual is a Co-PI or Delegate, they have the ability to create an application on behalf of individuals they are a delegate or Co-PI for.

How do I create a new IACUC protocol?

For more information on how to create a new protocol, visit Create a New IACUC Application

Study Personnel

Study Personnel will direct you to a page listing of all Study Personnel on your protocols if you are a PI, Co-PI or Delegate.From the list you can view your protocol team and their individual protocol details. 

The Study Team Members page will allow you to filter by Duties and Protocol.  This page provides a bird's eye view of your study team by further reducing the view through the built in features.

Space Management

Space Management is an area to request procedure space that is managed by the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources. For an overview, visit Submit a Procedure Space Request.


From Resources you will find links to External sources and the IACUC Prompt Report.

Your Protocols

This section is view-able to all individuals, however, Study Team Members with limited access will not see statuses to pending actions.

All protocols that have been previously approved will be listed on the Dashboard under Your Protocols. From Your Protocols,  each protocol's number will be a hyperlink to the protocols' Protocol Information page. The IACUC Protocol Information page is where actions can be taken on an animal protocol. For IRB protocols, an IRB Protocol Information page is available. At this time, actions to manage the protocol cannot be completed online. 

If an action has been taken on an approved protocol, the protocol will have a colored dot in the Protocol Number column to indicate which action was taken on the protocol. The section In-Progress and/or Submitted will also be view-able once action has been taken on a business item.

In-Progress and Submitted Requests

The center of the Dashboard page will display the actions taken on IACUC protocols along with their status as they progress through the approval process.  Each section, In-Progress and Submitted, will display an Actions column that will display triggers to actions that can be initiated. 

This section is view-able to the PI, Co-PI and Delegate to the protocol. Study Team Members within the protocol will not have access to items within In-Progress or Submitted.

To view activity on the Protocol, like which Analyst has been assigned to the said business item, you can view the Protocol's History which is found in the Protocol Information page. 

In-Progress Items

  • Items that are in-progress are editable by the individual who submitted the request, the PI, Co-PI and Delegate to the protocol.
  • Clicking the edit icon or the protocol # hyperlink will take you back to the in-progress item.

Submitted Items

Within the submitted section you will have the ability to view what was submitted and Withdraw, if allowed. Items that have been submitted are not always available for Withdraw by the PI, Co-PI or Delegate. 


When a protocol has become expired and a Progress Report has not yet been submitted and approved, the PI and their team will have received an email notification with instructions on how to proceed. 

From the Dashboard, messaging will also display. Below is an example of messaging presented when a protocol has expired and a progress report has not been submitted.