Creating an IACUC application on behalf of another individual

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Starting Monday, February 26, 2018, O.R.C.A. will allow any registered user to create a new application on behalf of another (a process we call Delegation).

 In a new application the PI is initially the person creating it. The PI Name can then be changed to another ORCA user (or UT Health San Antonio employee), changing the role of the person creating the application to that of a Delegate.

Where in the IACUC application is this available?

  • From the first page of the IACUC application, Project Information.


  1. Log into O.R.C.A.
  2. From the O.R.C.A. Dashboard, click New Application
  3. Select the IACUC committee
  4. Select the application type
  5. You have now arrived at the first page of the IACUC application, the Project Information page.

The field, Principal Investigator, will be defaulted with your name, the logged in user. To change the Principal Investigator, click the button, replace selected user.After that has been clicked, you can now search by first or last name and locate the person you want as the PI.

Things to know about creating a protocol on behalf of someone else

  1. The person who initiates the new application, by default, will be listed in the Study Personnel section as a Delegate.
  2. As is currently the case, applications submitted by a Delegate are routed to the PI for final approval and submission. An email notification indicating an application has been created on the PI’s behalf is sent.
  3. If the Delegate should not be listed as a member of the Study Personnel they must be removed by the PI prior to final submission.
  4. If an application is submitted without removing the Delegate it can be withdrawn by the PI prior to being assigned to an IACUC analyst, or the IACUC analyst can remove the Delegate on behalf of the PI.