Request Procedure Space

To request new procedure space, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the New Procedure Space button
  2. Complete the form, Procedure Space, that is presented. 
    1. Reason for this request* - provide a scientifically justified explanation for the need of DLAR space
    2. Approximate square footage* - provide your best estimate of the amount of space needed
    3. Is shared space acceptable?* - if your research requires independent use of space (cannot share with other researchers), provide as much specific information as to how, what, and why your research requires this.
    4. How long will you need this space for?* - provide the length of consecutive time you will require the space, if a break in use is expected then describe in the use schedule 
    5. Anticipated use schedule* - select one or more time frames that you anticipate utilizing the requested space
    6. Equipment provided by you* - Portable equipment is equipment that can be removed from the room when not in use.  Fixed equipment is equipment that cannot be removed from the room when not in use.
    7. Required infrastructure -  select one or more infrastructure items you anticipate needing while in the requested space
    8. Preferred Location - if a space has already identified, provide the building and room number with an explanation on why this space is preferred.
  3. Click the Submit once you have completed the request

After the request has been submitted, it will be routed to the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources. The request will be reviewed and a decision will be made. After a decision has been made, the individual who submitted the request will receive an email notification.

To review your requests, the following tabs will present additional information: Pending, Assigned and Usage Review.