Submit a Procedure Space Request

Complete a request for Procedure Space

  • Log into O.R.C.A  environment   
    (if IE is your default browser, copy/paste this link into a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browser)

    Google Chrome (recommended – it’s what we develop with), Firefox, Safari, Edge

  • From the left menu, click Space Management
    • You will arrive at Procedure Space Management. Three tabs will be presented along with additional action buttons.
  • Click +New Procedure Space
  • Complete all required fields.
  • Click Submit. 

    Once Submit is clicked, the request will be sent to the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR). After a decision has been made an email notification will be sent to form filler (PI).

Status of my Request

To view the status of your request, navigate to the Procedure Space Management, Pending tab. Steps:

  • From the left menu, click Space Management
  • You will arrive at Procedure Space Management, Pending tab where you will see details regarding your request and the status.
  • As soon as a decision is made, an email notification will be sent to the form filler (PI).

Assigned and Usage Review

The Assigned tab will present all approved assigned space.

The Usage Review tab will present a Bi-Annual Inspection report and form. 

  1. Information that is included within Usage Review tab: Linked Protocols to the approved space, the Next DLAR Review (6 months out from date space was approved) and any Associated Funding Sources tied to the form filler (PI).
  2. A form filler (PI) will be presented with Usage Report form 30d prior to the Next DLAR Review.

For additional information, visit Request Procedure Space.


To successfully access O.R.C.A., Google Chrome is the recommended browser supported by regulatory and IT support staff. 
If you have technical difficulties logging on contact OR 210-562-5691.
Feedback, Questions and Comments can be directed to
Contact for questions related to animal use and housing and procedure space.