2019 Product Updates


ReleaseApril 4, 2019


Minor changes to IRB protocol information includes the addition of the study team. Team members have been extracted from official IRB word documents. 

The Office of Clinical Research is available to assist in any correction that may need to be made as the information shown may contain inaccuracies due to the extraction process.

IRB Protocol Information page

Path: O.R.C.A. > Your Protocols > Click Protocol number

The section, Study Team Members now presents the study team as described in the IRB Microsoft Word documents.   Previously there was no information presented on this page relating to study team.

If a study team member has been designated as a POC, the Contact column will include a pill labeled POC.  Additionally, the button Contacts will present individuals listed as a POC with their email and phone number, if provided in the document upload.


Release DateJanuary 31, 2019
Areas impactedInstitutional Review Board studies
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee studies


Updates to the Online Research Compliance (O.R.C.A.) include minor updates to the dashboard and an access point for an IRB PI to navigate to their study in FindAStudy.


#619 ORCA Animal - IACUC Update IACUC Prompt Report Link has been added to the O.R.C.A. menu. 
ORCA Animal Update - The Protocol Information page, Study Team section has been updated to include an indicator for engaged personnel. All individuals on the team who have been identified as being engaged in experimental manipulations or working with subjects now have an * next to their names.
#597 ORCA Human IRB - The protocol information page for an IRB protocol includes a link to the PI's study in FindAStudy.